Thailand 2014: Paul Snider

Paul (second from the left) with his small group during his 2014 Internship

Paul (second from the left) with his small group during his 2014 Internship

Internship for me was an incredible adventure of self-discovery and development. The leaders of this ministry have such a heart for MKs and TCKs and seeing us grow in our faith and leadership. I went into the program skeptical of what it meant to truly be part of the TCK community and left with a family spread around the world. As a leader I went back to college with skills I wouldn’t have gained at any other summer project or internship. Year after year I remember experiences and actual lessons learned that summer and apply them to my life right now. My advice for you? Do it. You won’t regret any minute of it.

(Paul grew up in Jamaica and is a senior at Vanderbilt University)

Thailand 2014: Elizabeth Goddard

Lizzy (third from the right) with the other girls (and Jon) from her 2014 Internship

Lizzy (third from the right) with the other girls (and Jon) from her 2014 Internship

Taking part in an MK2MK internship summer was an amazing experience, but some of the best parts have come afterwards. Not only has mk2mk provided about 94% of my resume, but the warm and encouraging relationship this ministry has built with me has taught me about my passions, my future, and my walk with the Lord. It’s also exciting to watch the seeds I sowed with other MKs bear so much fruit! Before Thailand 2012 I never dreamed of the impact I could have or the lifelong lessons I could learn. Everything started with internship.

(Lizzy grew up in East Asia and is studying at the University of Georgia

South Africa 2012: Katie Holland

Katie (middle) with her small group during her 2012 Internship.

Katie (middle) with her small group during her 2012 Internship.

At the most basic level Internship gave me the opportunity to learn tons of skills in theory and then turn around and practice them right away. It was an invaluable experience that translated well even to the secular world. That internship has been a great thing to be able to add to my resume that shows training and experience in everything from leadership, to conflict resolution to adaptability and even public speaking.

On a deeper level, God worked in my life through the internship in so many ways. He used that summer as well as experiences as an associate to foster my passion and calling of working with youth long term. I gained practical experience in leading a small group and discipling teenagers that I have had the opportunity to use time and time again in various settings.

Ultimately, the MK2MK internship lead me to where I am now working with MK2MK for a full year. It is such an incredible opportunity to see God use my experiences as an MK and TCK to comfort others who are walking through the same valleys He has already led me through.

(Katie grew up in Bucharest, Romania and Budapest, Hungary. She attended Covenant College in Tennessee and currently is on STINT with MK2MK at Cru Headquarters in Orlando, Florida)

South Africa 2012: Hilary Utley

Hilary (second from the left) with the rest of the 2012 Internship team.   

Hilary (second from the left) with the rest of the 2012 Internship team.


Before I went through Internship, I was told that it would change my life. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect starting off, but I quickly realized that my decision to do Internship was one of the best decisions I had made in my life. It was that summer when I discovered what I had a passion for and what I wanted to do for a career. The experiences I had and the skills I learned on project propelled me to continue my education in graduate school, which is now currently allowing me to work in a profession that I love. Not only did Internship help me to decide on a career path, but it also allowed me to be a part of an international network of incredible people, many of whom will be life-long friends. My Internship experience undoubtedly changed my life and I will always look back on it as one of the best summer I ever had.

(Hilary grew up in Thailand and studied at Union University and later Texas A&M University)

South Africa 2012: Daniel Sparkman

I was a part of the South Africa 1 internship and it was one of the best summers of my life.

Combine traveling around the world, making friends with some of the coolest people of that world, and sharing the good news of Jesus to the people of this world and what do you get? Well, I can’t speak for you, but what I got was a summer that shaped me.

Professionally, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to “tell us a little bit about this internship in South Africa” in interviews. This internship gives you ammunition to brag about yourself. That’s not what MK2MK internship is about, but it sure was a nice perk  I talked about interpersonal skills training, small group leadership, conflict resolution… the list goes on. I could probably go through an entire job interview and relate every question back to an example from my MK2MK internship. That’s how transformative these trips can be professionally. I became a much more confident leader in South Africa, and I think most of my fellow interns can back me up on that. *fingers crossed*

Daniel (second from the left) with the rest of the Sparkman kids.

Daniel (second from the left) with the rest of the Sparkman kids.

While the professional aspects are definitely an added bonus that’s not why any intern I’ve known goes on these trips. They go on these trips because they love Jesus – pure and simple. Personally, South Africa expanded and deepened my faith. I learned just as much, if not more, from the students as I did from my fellow interns. The ministry was great, the travel was great, the food was great, everything was great. But, what I will never forget is stories. Every single person there had a story that could change lives for Jesus. I sometimes doubt how God plans to use me. How do I fit into His perfect plan? What about my story, my life, my testimony, make me special? Well, my internship was God raising an eyebrow at me and saying, “Seriously, little man? Here’s how.”

(Daniel grew up in East Asia and studied at Texas A&M University where he got his degree in Marketing)

Ethiopia 2010: Jeremy Snell

The MK2MK internship was invaluable to me. I not only built new life-long friends and had a great time, but also became a much more equipped leader and mentor. By leading a small group and giving talks, my confidence in public speaking and leading others exponentially increased.  These lessons and skills have transferred into every aspect of my current life. I am deeply grateful for the experience that MK2MK has and is giving me and hope to continue to be involved with them in the future.

 (Jeremy grew up in East Asia and is a student at University of Hawaii as well as a professional photographer. Summer 2011 he was an intern with Relevant magazine).

Ethiopia 2010: Jon Yturralde

Internship was a growing experience for me. It was here that I learned where my strengths are as a leader, and how to best utilize them. It gave me both an opportunity to grow into my voice and leadership style, as well as a loving Christ centered community who stood with me in my weakness and strength. Who I am now is very different from who I was starting college, and MK2MK’s internship played a very important role in my development!

(Jon grew up in the Philippines and works on staff with MK2MK). 

Ethiopia 2010: Nathan Shinault

Although I cannot say at this time that the internship with MK2MK was particularly beneficial to me in the broader scope of my career, I do think it came at a time in my life when I was making some big decisions.  The internship really helped me to see my life in the broader scope of eternity and helped me to ask some tough questions about what my life will mean.  By then end of the time in Ethiopia I remember praying okay I will go where ever you want me to go, so that when I returned to the US I was able to leave for China two weeks later without thinking twice about it. All in all I think MK2MK taught me that I can depend on God to take care of me no matter what.

(Nathan grew up in East Asia and Philippines, graduated from Michigan State and works at Abbott Nutrition)

Mexico 2008: Michael Wicker

Doing the mk2mk internship was one of the best choices I had made in college. After the internship, as an associate I have been able to help lead conferences all over the world from Beijing to Paris to Johannesburg, South Africa. It has not only been an incredible adventure but I have created a tight knit family of friends within the MK2MK associates which I have had the opportunity to travel with together. Not only have these experiences been great, but when I interview for jobs, they are always surprised about the public speaking experiences, leading groups in cross cultural contexts and mentoring students with MK2MK. The interviewer is interested and impressed about my MK2MK resume, this helps me to gateway into why being a third culture person is important to me.

(Michael grew up in Zimbabwe and is an engineering grad student at Florida State University)

Mexico 2008: Amy Peterson


The internship helped me become more comfortable with guiding a group of people and it developed my leadership skills. The week after I got back from the internship I started RA training at my school; the internship was the perfect preparation for becoming an RA and leading my peers. I also became much more comfortable giving a talk in front of big groups. We were given tools and training during the internship that made me much more aware of how to present myself in front of groups.

The best part about life after the internship is that you get to go to all sorts of cool places in the months and years to come. I have done several conferences where I get to meet MKs from all over and I also get to reunite with other interns! Doesn’t get much better than that.

(Amy grew up in Paris, France and graduated from Calvin College. She currently works at a home for pregnant teens in Tampa).

Uganda 2006: Brooke Mackin

The MK2MK internship provided great experiences for me in the areas of public speaking, working as a team, and interacting with and managing different types of people.  As a teacher, I use these skills everyday.  Not only was the experience totally fun and enriching, it provided me with practical skills too.  I’ve remained involved with MK2MK in a variety of capacities on mission trips and conferences, both in the States and abroad.  I’m always looking forward to the next opportunity to plug back in!

(Brooke grew up in Czech Republic, graduated from Anderson University and teaches English as a Second Language to Middle School students in New York City).

Brazil 2004: Jonathan Thomas

One of the most beneficial parts of the internship was the communications workshop.  The immediate benefit was that I was able to count that workshop as credit at FSU in lieu of the required speech class needed for graduation.  And when I went through that process, based on the curriculum for the workshop, I was told that it was more in depth than what was actually taught during the speech class.  Combining the that class with the numerous opportunities to present and give talks in front of (sometimes) rather large crowds has helped in my level of confidence as a speaker.  I recently completed a course entitled Disaster Instructor Specialty Training which certifies me to train Red Cross disaster workers, and during that class I was given the compliment that I already seemed comfortable presenting and teaching and that I understood the workings of group presentations and classroom settings.  I can say that the reason for that is because of the experiences I had from the internship and staying involved with MK2MK projects and conferences.

(Jonathan grew up in Philippines and earned two Master’s at Florida State University. He is currently a Community Response Coordinator at America Red Cross).


Brazil 2004: Amanda Brown

I feel that the many of the internship/post internship activities helped me to be better prepared for leadership. Because I had led talks, small groups, etc. I was able to lead many similar things at my everyday job now. The practical experience is helpful in gaining experience in many leadership areas that will apply to everyday job experience.

(Amanda grew up in Czech Republic and is currently a counselor in Columbia, SC

Botswana 2002: Janna Thomas

I think the most transferable skill I learned on the internship and in my involvement since is conflict resolution (and ways to avoid needing it in the first place). It’s a skill that comes in handy in all facets of life – with friends, family, co-workers, or even the cable guy. The insights into human behavior I’ve gotten from working with MK2MK have enabled me to better relate to people both on a personal and professional level (and everywhere in between).

(Janna grew up in the Philippines and graduated from Florida State University. She works for the Florida House of Representatives) 

Bakersfield 2000: Jenn Seabourn

The public speaking workshops challenged me to become a more creative and impacting presenter. As a teacher, these lent themselves directly into my professional life, not just in the classroom, but also in leading professional development workshops for fellow teachers.

The interpersonal skills workshops have been used on a daily basis in my classroom and with my fellow staff members. I am a more effective listener to my students and build stronger relationships with them in helping them work through the social aspects of growing up.

 (Jenn graduated from Stephen F. Austin University and teaches fifth grade in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is also associate staff with Campus Crusade, MK2MK).

Bakersfield 2000: Amy Schulte

A decade (and at least 3 different professions) after completing the MK2MK internship, I believe that the training that was provided to us during this internship proved invaluable to my career track.  Just recently at a conference in Malaysia, a coworker stared at me in amazement when I finished giving a presentation and then said “you are such a great public speaker, and you don’t seem at all nervous!”  If she could have seen me getting the giggles during our internship’s communication class, she would be able to see what a difference it made.  The internship created in me a level of professionalism that we often don’t experience until after graduation from college.  It was structured, but incredible fun and developmental in my life.  It was skills-focused, in addition to providing an environment where I could explore my own background in an emotionally safe context.

Being involved with MK2MK, first as part of the pilot internship and then participating in serve the least of these alongside some of my favorite people in the world.

(Amy grew up in the Middle East and France. She graduated from UCLA and has an MA in Counseling. She currently works for International Reading Association in Washington DC).