Brazil 2004: Jonathan Thomas

One of the most beneficial parts of the internship was the communications workshop.  The immediate benefit was that I was able to count that workshop as credit at FSU in lieu of the required speech class needed for graduation.  And when I went through that process, based on the curriculum for the workshop, I was told that it was more in depth than what was actually taught during the speech class.  Combining the that class with the numerous opportunities to present and give talks in front of (sometimes) rather large crowds has helped in my level of confidence as a speaker.  I recently completed a course entitled Disaster Instructor Specialty Training which certifies me to train Red Cross disaster workers, and during that class I was given the compliment that I already seemed comfortable presenting and teaching and that I understood the workings of group presentations and classroom settings.  I can say that the reason for that is because of the experiences I had from the internship and staying involved with MK2MK projects and conferences.

(Jonathan grew up in Philippines and earned two Master’s at Florida State University. He is currently a Community Response Coordinator at America Red Cross).