South Africa 2012: Katie Holland

Katie (middle) with her small group during her 2012 Internship.

Katie (middle) with her small group during her 2012 Internship.

At the most basic level Internship gave me the opportunity to learn tons of skills in theory and then turn around and practice them right away. It was an invaluable experience that translated well even to the secular world. That internship has been a great thing to be able to add to my resume that shows training and experience in everything from leadership, to conflict resolution to adaptability and even public speaking.

On a deeper level, God worked in my life through the internship in so many ways. He used that summer as well as experiences as an associate to foster my passion and calling of working with youth long term. I gained practical experience in leading a small group and discipling teenagers that I have had the opportunity to use time and time again in various settings.

Ultimately, the MK2MK internship lead me to where I am now working with MK2MK for a full year. It is such an incredible opportunity to see God use my experiences as an MK and TCK to comfort others who are walking through the same valleys He has already led me through.

(Katie grew up in Bucharest, Romania and Budapest, Hungary. She attended Covenant College in Tennessee and currently is on STINT with MK2MK at Cru Headquarters in Orlando, Florida)