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Welcome & Introduction



Finding Information & Getting Started
Who to Contact
General Guidelines for Using these Packets
Project Purpose and Plan
Urgent Steps to Take
Calendar and Deadlines


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Finding Information & Getting Started

There are two main sources of info for your project preparation:

1) Our website, is your key link to info and assistance for THIS SPECIFIC MK2MK SUMMER MISSION.

  • Notice the project menu box on the Summer Project main page

  • Check for updates regularly and READ EACH COMPLETELY! We try hard to only post what is essential and helpful so read it thoroughly.

2) Cru's website, is the generic summer mission resource website.

  • This is the link included in your acceptance email.

  • It has some awesome interactive tools for you. More on that later.

Note: If you see a contradiction between the info we post on the site and the general Cru site, you should ALWAYS DEFAULT TO OUR MK2MK SITE’S INFO. Our site is concerned with only our specific summer projects. The site is the resource site for hundreds of Cru summer projects – mostly for college students.

Who to Contact

Travel Coordinator: Donna Kushner  – plans and directs your project. Contact her at

Project Directors:
-South Africa: Tracy Dykes & Katie Holland – they will be planning and leading your teams on the ground. Contact them at  or

-Bosnia: Petr Eding and Rebekah Leary – they will be planning and leading your teams on the ground. Contact them at or

Project Administrator: Brenda Friesen – responsible for financial and other logistical details for both projects before departure and after our return. Contact her at

Project Coach: Assigned – This is your primary contact person. This is an mk2mk staff member who will contact you shortly. They will oversee your support development and preparation for your mission trip. It is critical that you maintain good communication with your project coach.

MK2MK Office – Please direct all correspondence to the MK2MK Office at: 407-541-5223
Hours are 9am to 4pm Eastern Time zone, Monday through Friday.

MK2MK Mailing Address
MK2MK MC 2800
100 Lake Hart Drive
Orlando, FL 32832

General Guidelines

This Guide is designed to help you succeed in:

  • Funding your summer mission

  • Preparing your heart for the mission trip

  • Getting vital information to you

  • Equipping you for the mission trip

Follow these instructions to make the most out of your step-by-step mission trip preparations.

1. Read through ALL the guide pages.

Just do it! It’s important to become familiar with the trip and the responsibilities, dates, and requirements of the mission trip. Your coach is going to ask you if you have! Weekly updates will be posted.

2. Ask your parent(s) to read this guide AND the parent guide.

It is important that they are informed about your trip participation but they are not responsible for any of your tasks. They have their own parent's guide with some of this same information.

3. Check for updates/emails several times a week

Updates will be posted regularly from the MK2MK office and the project director. These updates will contain the most recent and accurate information.

4. Check the Deadlines sheet for deadlines.

Look over the calendar regularly.
Keep the deadlines! Just do it! This is absolutely critical. Plan well in light of your school and activity schedule.

5. Find faithful prayer partners.

Prayer support is just as important as financial support. Find five individuals who will commit to pray daily for you, write down their names and pray for them too.

Mission Trip Purpose and Plan

There are four major purposes for this mission trip:

1. To help you prepare for a lifetime of fruitful ministry. You are very important to God and all of us at MK2MK. This mission trip, through the preparation time, ministry in the host countries, and specific follow through will give you the opportunity to grow in your faith and develop skills to enable you to have more fruitful ministries throughout your life.

2. To be part of helping to fulfill the Great Commission: This mission trip can have historic significance. By participating in this project, you will discover and help accomplish God’s purpose for our world.

3. To grow spiritually: Stepping out in faith and out of your comfort zone helps that happen!

4. To experience community in service with other MKs.


Specific Ministry Purpose and Plan

What we will be doing during these mission trips?
In general, this is what all mk2mk mission trips do:

  • Expose students to the gospel, share our faith with them

  • Seek to win people to Christ

  • Aid the spiritual growth of those who respond (follow-up)

  • Serve in ways that build the local movements

 The specific plan for your mission trip will likely include these strategies:

  • Creative Outreaches:

    • English Camps

    • Sports

    • Drama

    • Music

    • Humanitarian efforts/mercy ministry – in a relational context

  • Personal evangelism

    • Share your personal story (testimony)

    • Share “Would You Like to Know God Personally?"

    • Meet with students as we build relationship

    • The Soularium tool/The FOUR

  • Follow-up

    • Some basic follow-up can be introduced as people come to Christ

    • Equip Believers to Multiply their Faith

A Couple of Urgent Steps to Take

1. OBTAIN or UPDATE your passport

Check the expiration date; it must have a 6 months remaining from the end of your project date, which means it can’t expire before January 20, 2020. It also needs to have two blank visa pages facing each other

You need to do this immediately. Details on Passports are in the Travel section. You will need the following to apply for a passport:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Two passport photos

  • Passport application

For non-Americans Please check with your embassy to see if you need a visa, and if so, begin the process (Americans do not need visas)

2. WRITE your first draft of your support letter

Send it to your coach. Read the finance section before you begin this as it explains how you need to do this. Submit your first draft to your coach who will be assigned shortly, by March 15th. It will be proofed and sent back to you as soon as possible.

Use the letter writing tool on the link or draft your own. You can also use the examples from our resources page here. Please do not write a generic letter! If you use our examples you still need to modify the letter! Make it personal and include a photo of yourself.


Calendar and Deadlines

Summer Mission Dates: 

South Africa: June 14 to July 19
Bosnia: June 12 - July 13

[These dates do not include travel days]

All students must be available for the entire mission trip, you may not arrive late or leave early.


Please see the deadlines page for a full list of your preparation deadlines and support goals.