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Financial Deadlines


2019 Dates

March 15    — 1st draft of support letter due to your coach

March 25   — $200 deposit mailed by this date (or account transfer)

                  — FINAL draft of support letter due to your coach

March 31   — Approved letter mailed

April 7        — $500 + ¼ of your airfare sent to MK2MK

                  — any remaining forms signed and mailed to MK2MK

May 5         — $600 + ¼ of your airfare due and mailed to MK2MK

May 19       — $600 + ¼ of your airfare mailed to MK2MK

June 2*     — FINAL $600 + ¼ of airfare mailed to MK2MK

*Any funds that come in after this date funds should still be mailed to our office.


Please print this deadline summary and post it somewhere where you will see it regularly. 

Add these deadlines to your calendar so that you'll stay on top of them. These are the deadlines that your coach will be following up on.

We trust that God will be the one to provide the support you need, but we understand that we must be diligent as we step out in faith to follow Him. Pray over these dates and the summer God has in store for you!