Summer Mission Downloads


Here are all the various downloads for accepted participants of our Summer Missions of 2018! Each document can be printed and used for taking notes, etc. Please do not make any edits to the files, publish the files anywhere, or share them over email with anyone. These are ONLY for your personal use in preparing for your summer mission. 

Summer Mission Info Packets
Here is a folder with each of the packets, so you can read them on your computer or print them out. 

Sample Support Letters
Here are two sample letters you can use to get ideas for your own support letter. 

Support Letter Graphics
Here are the graphics designed for South Africa. You can insert one of these into your letter. 

Thank You Cards
Here is a specialized thank you card you may use. 
Print it on card stock, then cut and fold it.

Parental Consent Travel Affidavit
Here is the travel affidavit form you must use for minors entering South Africa. For more info, see the Travel & Health page.