Bakersfield 2000: Amy Schulte

A decade (and at least 3 different professions) after completing the MK2MK internship, I believe that the training that was provided to us during this internship proved invaluable to my career track.  Just recently at a conference in Malaysia, a coworker stared at me in amazement when I finished giving a presentation and then said “you are such a great public speaker, and you don’t seem at all nervous!”  If she could have seen me getting the giggles during our internship’s communication class, she would be able to see what a difference it made.  The internship created in me a level of professionalism that we often don’t experience until after graduation from college.  It was structured, but incredible fun and developmental in my life.  It was skills-focused, in addition to providing an environment where I could explore my own background in an emotionally safe context.

Being involved with MK2MK, first as part of the pilot internship and then participating in serve the least of these alongside some of my favorite people in the world.

(Amy grew up in the Middle East and France. She graduated from UCLA and has an MA in Counseling. She currently works for International Reading Association in Washington DC).