Stuff to know about the retreat!


The location

We reserved 3 cabins at the lakewood retreat center in Brooksville FL. Click here for a downloadable map! They offer a variety of activities which our team is excited to take advantage of including nature trails, fishing and bird watching, canoeing, and human foosball. Some of these activities are already incorporated into our schedule for fun community building time, and others will be optional during your free time. If you would like a complete list of the activities offered here, you can click here.

the content

After receiving your feedback, we wanted to dedicate time and space to have worthwhile adulthood discussions that would platform MK's for success in college and beyond! We will orient these discussions around 2 tracks. 

  • American Professional Work Culture

    • Mock Interviews

    • Resume Building

  • Transitions in your teens 20's

    • Doing Church and finding community

    • Mentorship in young adulthood

We also want to offer a safe place for MK's who are journeying through doubt and discuss the unique challenges of growing up in ministry. Finally, we are thinking of main content sessions and activities that we are offering everyone who attends this retreat!



the fun activities

We have staff and associates who excel at different areas in their fields. We also want to offer creative and fun sessions that MK’s would be excited to engage in. These optional sessions would be offered during free time!

  • photography lessons

  • home brewing basics with real baristas

  • paint and sip (mk2mk style)

  • smart and budget friendly meal prepping

  • resume workshops and mock interviews

  • individual coaching appointments