Helping families thrive overseas is at the heart of MK2MK.  We want to equip Campus Crusade parents and their children to embrace the call God has placed on the entire family to serve Him on the mission field. We strive to encourage parents as they raise families in cross-cultural settings, and nurture a partnership with parents of our missionary kids. We love our MKs and are so grateful to be able to partner with their parents in this way!

We want to nurture a partnership with the parents of our missionary kids. Our team at MK2MK has a wide scope of educational experience in the overseas setting. We offer workshops for parents on stress, educational issues, and raising teens overseas. Our online resources are aimed to give parents additional support.

We are in the process of updating our resources! This page will be the site of all our future resources that we want to make available to our families. Right now we have downloads and a couple other categories, however, please check back here regularly as we update this site.


Educational resources

"SHARE Education Services helps English-speaking expatriate families living in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East with their children’s educational needs. With a caring, compassionate staff of educators and years of international experience, we understand the joys and challenges of educating children in a cross-cultural environment." Cru is a member of SHARE, so Cru staff can get access to the resources on their website for free. They also offer conferences,  seminars, and a variety of consultations and assessments. Click here to learn more.