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3 Things High School Students Should Know About CollegeThe author gives three items that are important for a high school student to know as they ponder higher education.
4 Things You Need to Know About Repaying Your Student LoansOctober 2013. Federal Student Aid. Helpful tips on when and how to repay student loans.
A Gap Year makes sense for some students.Lee Bierer, The Charlotte Observer Jun 2010 Have you or your child ever even considered the possibility of NOT heading to college immediately after graduating from high school? Think about it for a moment. It’s liberating. I am not suggesting not attendi
A+ schools for B students
Academic programs to look for
After Secondary School Handbooks - College or VocationalSIL March 2014. Handbooks to prepare TCKs to go to college or begin a vocation after graduation
Best undergrad teaching
Break That Hovering Habit EarlyArlene Weintraub Sept 2010 College administrators say they're coping with a growing crop of freshmen suffering the aftereffects of having been raised by overinvolved parents.
College Admissions To-Do ListNED JOHNSON Sept 2010 Getting into the college of your dreams is a four-year process, but it doesn't have to be a scary one.
College degree boosts wagesMary Beth Marklein June 2014. Study shows grads make $1 million more than non-grads
College, Students, Don't Make Yourself an Easy Target for Identity TheftSteve Rosen October 2013. Gives key tips for college students to avoid identity theft
College-bound teens need to learn lifeskillsJudy Hevrdejs August 2014 Teach your teen important lifeskills (cooking, time and money management, health self-assessment, responsibility) before they go to college
Credit Lessons crucial for the college-boundGail Marks Jarvis Aug 2012 The hunt for the extra-long sheets for the dormitory bed might be complete, and the car is probably packed to the roof for the trip to college, but before dropping your child off on campus make sure you don't forget to talk abo
Ensure a good conversation. Start educating your children about risk and insurance.By WILLIAM HAGEMAN Mar 2012 College is the learning experience in life, but parents can start their student's higher education before he or she leaves home. "Now, when they're getting their acceptance letters, is a good time to talk about not j
Find the Best College for YouGet exclusive rankings of 1,400 schools. Use our tools to search for your perfect fit. And find details on scholarships, loans, and grants.
From One Grad to AnotherCollege graduates share hard-earned words of wisdom with high school seniors
Global and Domestic Nomads or Third Culture Kids: Who Are They and What the University Needs to KnowWendy Stultz This article, based on a professional paper of the same name, attempts to provide an overview of the needs and advantages of Global Nomads or Third Culture Kids, as well asapplying these needs and advantages to the university setting.
Great schools at great prices
Historically black colleges and universities
How to track down scholarship moneyLee Bierer Mar 2013 According to Braintrack, a higher education database, more than $3 billion in private scholarships are awarded to college students annually. Average awards range from $2,000 to $3,000. Every little bit helps. Read more here: http://w
Learn about financial aid during your campus visitsFerah Aziz and P. Carol Jones June 2014. When a student visits a potential college, a visit with a financial aid officer is worthwhile.
Majoring in relationships while at collegeLeslie Mann August 2014. Study finds students benefit most from the relationships they cultivate in college.
National Liberal Arts College Rankings
National University Rankings
Newbie's Guide to navigating college classesVince Dixon Aug 2012 Each fall, thousands of freshmen walk into their first college classroom. The experience can be intimidating. Here are a few guidelines for navigating this strange new world.
Picking a college? 10 questions to ask yourself firstLee Bierer, The Charlotte Observer February 2014. Ten questions about yourself to consider before making a list of potential colleges.
Ranking of Business Programs
Ranking of Engineering Programs
Ranking of Regional Colleges
Ranking of Regional Universities
Rankings by High School Counselors of National Liberal Arts Colleges
Rankings by High School Counselors of National Universities
Saving Early for College Costs Less Than BorrowingCarolyn Bigda October 2013 It is better to save for college early than to get loans during college.
Students need skills to pay the billsRex Huppke Sept 2012 Let's be blunt: A degree isn't enough. The skills you can bring to the table are the true dealmaker in today's job market.
The Loan Without the RegretKIM CLARK Sept 2010 For students who must borrow, federal reform and a brightening economy are silver linings.
The Right Fit: Which college should I attend?By Chris Tucker, Oct 2011 News flash: There’s a whole universe of great colleges out there beyond Harvard and Yale and Columbia. Here’s how your student can make the right choice.
Tips to pass the Tuitionarticle by KARA McGUIRE April 25, 2011 Think the hard work is done once your kid is accepted to college? Any parent who has been through the college admissions process can tell you that's actually when the hard work begins. After a student is accepted,
Unranked specialty schools
Up-and-coming colleges
Viewpoint: Is gap year volunteering a bad thing?Daniela Papi Apr 2013 Volunteering abroad to build schools or dig wells might make people feel good about themselves - but it can be detrimental to those who are supposed to be helped, writes tour company founder Daniela Papi. This piece is based on an
What is gap year all about?Lee Bierer Feb 2013 Is your high school senior burned-out? Do they need a break? Are you hearing or sensing that it’s time for your child to get off the educational treadmill and maybe not follow the traditional path to college?